Improve happiness! HMHT began to regularly arrange afternoon tea activities

The fast-paced work life of modern life makes people tired. High-mountain pays attention to the physical and mental health of its employees and has a daily afternoon tea activity. When you walk into Hanmai’s tea room at about 4 p.m., you will see employees sitting together chatting, holding a cup of coffee or hot tea, snacks and fruits. Get rid of the tiredness of a day, and happily welcome the next work and life
Fresh and delicious fruits are neatly placed in the company’s tea room for employees to take, and everyone is happy and comfortable while eating.

Employees chatting while eating

Afternoon tea or theme meal can help people create a relaxed and happy atmosphere and have a leisure time in their busy work. During this period, people can speak freely, colleagues are more harmonious and friendly, and occasionally there are some new ideas and creativity. In this happy thought collision, this is an unexpected surprise. Of course, this is also a way of life beneficial to physical and mental health.
With the development of the company, more and more employee benefits have been proposed and implemented, which is really great.

Fresh and delicious fruit