Walk into the Wuxi High Mountain Birthday Party and feel the happy atmosphere together!

People often say:

A happy life requires a sense of ritual
It can make people feel the beauty of life
while the staff birthday party
Being a member of the HMHT family is a special commemoration
It’s the warm feeling in my heart

We welcome the staff birthday party in Wuxi Hanmai in November. First of all, we would like to express our warm welcome and heartfelt thanks to everyone for coming. At the same time, we would like to express our deepest wishes to the birthday star on this birthday. Young, happy and enthusiastic, and wish all employees smooth sailing in work and life, a bright future and good luck.

Birthday Star: Mr. Guan

We will continue to hold the birthday party, in order to express the company’s humanized management and concern for employees, and thus enhance employees’ recognition and sense of belonging to the company, so that employees can truly integrate into the company’s big family. In order to maintain a better working attitude, grow and progress together with the company. Promote the establishment of the company’s corporate culture and deepen the connotation of corporate culture.